Digital Firm Employee Salary Estimator

by Jun 3, 2020

Getting Salaries Right is Critical

Salaries are easily the largest expense at digital shops, making up about 2/3rds of total expenses. Getting this right is critical to a shop’s success. It is difficult to know how much to offer a new employee. There seem to be endless factors. Their exact role, their experience, where they’re located, and more. If you offer too low, you might miss out on them, or worse, they’ll accept but begin looking elsewhere immediately. If you offer too much, you are needlessly sacrificing margins and making future growth more challenging.

We have created this easy-to-use calculator so you can set salaries with data, not guesswork.

Average Digital Firm Expense Breakdown

Salary Calculator

Salaries by Role

How much should you pay a designer? A developer? A Marketer? What follows are histograms of the salaries for each position in our data set. These include all salaries in our data set and are not filtered by experience, location, or any other factors. 

We found the majority of salaries fall in the following ranges:

Designer: $55k – $87k
Developer: $36k – $88k
Marketer: $41k – $85k
Account Manager: $40k – $67k
Project Manager: $65k – 91k

Note that these values do not include non-salary compensation. Values are in thousands of U.S. dollars.


Designer salary bands


Developer salary bands


Marketing salary bands

Account Manager

Account manager salary bands

Project Manager

Project manager salary bands

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