A boutique consultancy with expansive reach. 

Working With Us

We partner with ambitious teams to drive profound growth. To be valuable though, this growth needs to be sustainable, margin-appropriate, and meet the needs of the owners. It’s this focus on quality growth that sets us apart.

Who We Work With

Core clients: Digital marketing / dev shops / design shops / martech firms

Size: 10 – 200 employees

Location: North America & Europe

Point of contact: Core management team / ownership

Management goal: Significant mid-to-long-term growth


Our Main Deliverable

We provide an honest, informed, outside perspective on your business. It is the key factor our clients repeatedly cite as being the most helpful part of working with us.

Our Core Values

All clients can expect us to deliver top-tier work while upholding the following core values:

Personal and professional integrety – Without trust, research is worthless.

Dilligence – If we cannot source the data, it does not exist.

Excellence – Our research and strategy offerings are best-in-class.


Our Managing Partners work with clients to craft extraordinary growth strategies. Each of our clients works directly with either Nicholas and/or Eric who guide their projects and bring on assets and analysts as necessary. Between them there is a wealth of experience and an analyst network second to none.

Nicholas Petroski

Managing Partner – Chief Executive Officer

Nicholas Petroski is a former equity analyst who, after spending two years at a Wall Street firm, turned his focus to his passions: startups, tech and Akron. He has founded 5 startups, worked as a financial analyst at a commercial construction firm, and advised hedge and pension funds on equity strategies. Nicholas also cofounded and is the current Chairman of the Board of a nonprofit named Launch League with the goal of boosting startup activity in the city of Akron.

Eric Hess

Managing Partner – Director of Research

Prior to joining Promethean Research, Eric held several positions with highly respected Wall Street equity research firms. Having mentored under several top analysts and covered multiple industries will provide the background and insights to be used at Prometheus. Eric also headed up economic analysis during his tenure within the private wealth division of a regional bank that managed over $3B in assets. Eric holds a Masters in Economics from Ohio University.


Prometheus isn’t just a cool name. 

A Greek Titan Giving Fire to Men

Prometheus was a Greek Titan who took the knowledge of fire from the gods and gave it to man. Our consultancy is built on this idea of sharing valuable knowledge. Our clients benefit from a blended mosaic research approach that delivers stronger strategies that are more cost effective than those available elsewhere.

A Boutique Consultancy on Purpose 

We are a boutique research and strategic consultancy comprised of experienced analysts who are driven to guide your business through even the toughest challenges. We provide proprietary research products and strategic consulting services to help clients grow their businesses efficiently. Our size allows us to remain nimble and serve clients quickly and effectively.

An Expansive Research Network

We maintain an expansive research network of both primary and secondary assets which gives us the unique ability to deliver quality targeted results quickly. Because of this, our projects are measured in weeks, not months.

How Can We Help?

From Comprehensive growth evaluations, to strategic positioning, to custom market intelligence, and everything in between.