A boutique consultancy with expansive reach. 

Our Vision

It should be easier for those who enable the future to build, create, and grow. 

Our core job as strategy consultants is to make it easier for owners and managers of digital shops to do more of what they’re great at, delivering digital solutions.

Working With Promethean

Our Values

Personal and professional integrity

Without trust, research and advice are worthless.


We work hard, often going above and beyond, to ensure we deliver valuable research and advice.

Clear candid communication

When decisions affecting the very core of your business are on the line, ambiguous communication is unacceptable.

Our Approach


It all starts here. We perform the most comprehensive research on the digital services industry in the world.

Our Digital Marketing Agency Industry Report is a good example of our work.

Insight across all levels

Our advice comes from our research on how digital firms succeed, all the way to what’s happening on the global stage. This breadth of scope lets us uncover things others can’t.

Our advice encompasses insights from:

  • Curated secondary macro research
  • Broad-based industry and sector research
  • Proprietary industry research on the digital services, enterprise software, and martech industries
  • Individual client firm research
  • Individual stakeholder interviews

Complete understanding of goals

We begin every project by ensuring we understand what the key stakeholders want the company to do. This is critical for us to be able to prescribe the correct research or strategic direction.

Resource identification and discovery

We evaluate all the current and near-adjacent resources the firm has available. It’s important to know what you have to work with but sometimes we’re able to see easily obtainable resources current management hasn’t.

Simplify and derisk

Part of our initial onboarding is assessing the level of risk stakeholders are comfortable taking on. We then remove risk where we can and attempt to quantify the level of risk inherent in the strategy. This process almost always involves simplifying the business. 

About Promethean

Why We Exist

Building a digital firm is difficult and the challenges evolve as you grow!

There is little, if any, data-driven advice available.

We exist to make it easier to build quality digital firms.

Who We Are

Driven by data

Promethean Research is driven by Nicholas, the cofounder and managing director. When you work with Promethean, chances are, you’ll be working directly with Nicholas. There are times when additional expertise is warranted. This is where Promethean’s network comes in to play. Over the years we’ve cultivated relationships with a broad network of experts that are able to lend their expertise to projects on an as-needed basis. This type of structure is preferred by our clients as it allows them to gain access to deep domain expertise at a fraction of the cost of working with a large institution.

Our Background

A true outside perspective

Our experience comes from a blend of tech startups (SaaS and IoT) and finance (corporate and Wall St.). There is a vast sea of consultants, coaches, and advisors from the agency world who we work with regularly but the value we bring is a powerful combination of a data-first research approach and a true outside perspective. This industry interests us and we’ve studied it deeply to uncover the few sources of truth about how to build a successful digital firm. This approach provides a unique value to our clients that other advisory shops have a tough time matching.

Are We a Fit?

Who we work with

Type of shop

We work with:

  • Digital solution firms
  • Digital marketing firms
  • Software development shops
  • Design shops
  • Martech SaaS firms


We work best when our clients have between 10 and 150 employees.


While we’ve worked with clients across four continents and our research has covered shops in over 100 countries, our current focus areas, where we can provide the best advice, are in the United States and Canada.

Point of contact

For any project we accept, we work directly with the firm’s leadership.

Stakeholder goals

While the exact goals may vary, we work best with teams interested in growing at a sustainable pace. Significant growth rates aren’t uncommon but they are often unreliable. We prefer to build reliable growth engines.

How Can We Help?

From Comprehensive growth evaluations, to strategic positioning, to custom market intelligence, and everything in between.