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Our advice is backed by our industry-leading research on 45,000+ digital agencies. We do the best research on the digital agency industry. Here’s proof:

Digital Agency Industry Report

An overview of the digital agency industry covering key themes, composition, revenue, profitability, salaries, and more.

How Digital Agencies Grow

Discover the revgen strategies and tactics digital agencies use and which ones actually drive revenue growth.

Digital Services Salary Guide

The latest data on salary shifts, compensation rates, benefits, and more to help you make the best decisions possible when it comes to compensating talent.

Advice That’s Led to Impressive Results

Trusted by 100+ digital agency leaders to transform the future of their agencies.

Agency Merger Evaluation & Strategy Recommendations

Rev Growth

Net Income

Repositioning, Strategy & Implementation Roadmap


Net Income

Market Entrance Strategy & Market Sizing

Team Size

New Markets

“Promethean provided an excellent outside perspective and analysis on our merger project. We would happily recommend them.”

Dan Heimbrock

CEO, HyperDrive


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Since 2015 I’ve helped over a hundred digital agencies with everything from simple benchmarking to designing and executing complex growth strategies.

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“Promethean gets to the core of how you need to position, focus, and grow, and strips away the BS in a way that transforms your business.”

Rachel Gertz

CEO, Louder Than Ten

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“Working with Promethean was stress-free. Nick brings experience and thoughtful insights to every meeting and deliverable. Highly recommend.”

Mazin Melegy

Managing Director, Crush & Lovely

Industry Insights

Artificial Intelligence is Disrupting Digital Agencies

Early indications show AI has a 15-25% productivity boost for production-level employees. If this holds true for agency-wide gains, it could result in an 81% increase in net income for those shops that successfully implement it.

Trust Your Experts

Remove a major growing pain by building trust and realizing that not all opinions are equal.

The Factory – Consultancy Continuum

This post originally appeared in our newsletter on September 13th, 2022. Sign up to get our latest research, insights, tools, and resources delivered straight to your inbox twice a month. Factory-Consultancy Evaluation Complexity 2.0: The Factory – Consultancy...

Agency Roles, Goals & Structure

Getting the right people in the right seats allows owners and partners to focus their energy on more strategic questions vs. putting out that day’s fire. That additional strategic bandwidth can make all the difference when the market gets choppy.

Financial Metrics for Marketing Agencies

Monitoring the right metrics can make growing a digital agency significantly easier. By regularly monitoring them, and asking the right questions, they can reveal where you should focus your team.

“Their no-nonsense approach and accurate assessment of market potential provided our board with crucial insights for our strategic roadmap. Smart templates require smart data, which is what Promethean Research delivered.”

Kevin Goeminne

CEO, CHILI publish

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Most of our clients already do amazing work. They’re just missing a bit of time, data, or guidance. We help agency leaders build sustainable growth strategies so they can do more of what they’re great at.

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