Data driven strategies that drive profound value creation for digital shops.


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We source the best inputs in the industry. Our primary research has covered over 30,000 digital marketing and digital service firms. This industry leading research allows us to continuously craft winning strategies for our clients.


Our Digital Marketing Industry Primer is designed to give users an understanding of the average agency composition, key themes & drivers, end markets, pricing & billing strategies, agency revenue profiles, and agency profitability. It is the most comprehensive look at the industry available.

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We work with management teams who are building the future. From digital marketing agencies implementing the latest AI, to dev shops that manipulate vast quantities of data and content, to martech firms making it simple to fully automate brand artwork generation. The firms we work with live on the cutting edge.

Digital Marketing Agencies

“Promethean provided an excellent outside perspective and analysis on our merger project. We would happily recommend them!”

Dan Heimbrock

CEO, HyperDrive

Digital Service Firms

“Working with Nick was stress-free. Promethean brings experience and thoughtful insights to every meeting and deliverable. Highly recommend.”

Mazin Melegy

Managing Director, Crush & Lovely

Martech Companies

“Their no-nonsense approach and accurate assessment of market potential provided our board with crucial insights for our strategic roadmap. Smart templates require smart data, which is what Promethean Research delivered.”

Kevin Goeminne

CEO, CHILI publish

Helping Firms Do More of Their Best

Most of the time clients are already doing amazing work. The most common issue is a lack of bandwidth to work on their businesses. Our core services revolve around providing information, resources, and tools to allow clients to grow and do more of what they do best. 

Solve your most complex strategic challenges

Get an informed outside perspective

Achieve rapid and efficient growth

Building Powerful Growth Engines

Our core services are designed to unlock efficient rapid growth for digital shops.

Comprehensive Growth Evaluation

From the initial market research through implementation, we work with management teams to drive profound value creation. We work with your team to analyze your firm, identify areas of strength, candidly evaluate weaknesses, document where you are today, uncover where you want to go, and chart a course to get there.

Repeatable Revenue Generation

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Benchmark Analysis


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From Comprehensive growth evaluations, to strategic positioning, to custom market intelligence, and everything in between.