Digital Services Salary Guide: 2024

The latest data on salary shifts, compensation rates, benefits, and more to help you make the best decisions possible when it comes to compensating talent.

Insights from 67 digital agencies, 104 owners, and 1,300+ digital agency employees.

Promethean clients and partners:

How agencies actually compensate their team (and owners)

Learn how agencies are actually compensating their talent across various roles.

This 59-page guide covers:

How agency compensation rates and packages are shifting

Raises in 2023 and expected raises in 2024

Changes in non-salary compensation (bonuses, profit sharing, etc.)

Actual salary bands for:

  • Account management roles
  • Business development and sales roles
  • Design roles
  • Dev roles
  • Project management roles
  • Marketing roles (both internal and client-facing)
  • Agency operations roles

Billable and non-billable weekly hours by functional group

Standard PTO practices

Average benefits provided

Agency owner salaries, draws, and bonuses

Salaries, benefits, and bonus data points

Salaries, Benefits & Bonuses by Job Title

2023 Raises & 2024 Expected Raises by Function

Market Shifts in Compensation Amounts & Structure

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