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A targeted custom research project for Crush & Lovely

Building a better web app by assessing the importance of solutions-based journalism.


Crush & Lovely is an impact agency that has been building digital solutions since 2004. C&L had a new client project they were working on where they wanted deeper qualitative insights into how their client’s target audience behaved. Answering this would let them deliver a better solution for their client.


Working with Nick was stress-free. Promethean brings experience and thoughtful insights to every meeting and deliverable. Highly recommend.

Mazin Melegy

Managing Director, Crush & Lovely

The Big Question

What news do people care about? With the recent evolutions in how news is presented, what are the core topics people want to know about and how do they want to interact with them?

How We Helped

DISCOVERY We set up a discovery session with the project lead to determine the core set of questions that would help them build the best solution possible. We also identified the target audience for these interviews and how to best reach them.

DESIGN After the discovery stage, we determined that a set of one-on-one interviews would yield the most valuable information. We designed the interview script to answer the core questions that were uncovered during the discovery phase while avoiding any leading or biased questions. This would give us a deeper, more nuanced, understanding of how individuals interacted with the news.

DATA GATHERING & DELIVERY We reached out to the target audience, then scheduled and conducted the interviews. We gathered the data and delivered it in a standardized manner to the project lead so they could incorporate it into their design process.

The Result

Crush & Lovely was able to deliver a more robust product to their client with data backing up their design decisions. This provided a deeper level of value to the client than what would have been available without a specialized research component.

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