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Wish managing growth was easier?

Agency owners say they’re most concerned about “managing growth” or “new business generation.” From simplifying growing pains to developing new growth strategies, we make growth easier. All it takes to get started is a quick intro call.

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Why We Should Chat

Even if you’re growing like crazy, we help with margin expansion, process improvement, and growth sustainability. It’s worth a quick intro call.


We know agencies

Our work speaks for us here. Want to know how your agency stacks up against others? Check out our Agency Benchmark Tool. Want to know what the major trends shaping the industry are? Check out our Agency Industry Report.

Next-level strategies

Our managing partners are ex-Wall St and corporate finance analysts. Our analyst network is made up of senior analysts who advise hedge funds, venture capitalists, and Fortune 100 companies.

Experience agencies need

You gain access to knowledge and experience that other agencies simply don’t have access to. When we craft a custom strategy for you, we start with deep industry-specific knowledge. And if it’s a question no one has answered, we do the research ourselves.

Imagine how much easier life would be with a boutique research and strategy consultancy on your team…

Make the headache of managing your agency’s growth disappear.
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How We Help Agencies Grow

Strategy Creation & Implementation

Align your entire agency with your business goals. Work with us to craft a robust strategy that’s backed by thorough research and analysis.

Process Improvement

Make your agency more efficient by optimizing your internal processes. We work with you to identify high-impact areas and then we create and implement strategies tailored to address the challenges.

In-depth Research

Confidently enter new markets or better serve current ones by using our research and analysis to gain a competitive edge.

The Process

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Step one

Start by scheduling an intro call with a managing partner by clicking here.

This reserves a spot for you. We’re a small firm so there’s only so many clients we can help at once. It’s best to get on our list early.

What Happens Next

Step two

You’ll receive a pre-call questionnaire. Fill this out as completely as possible since it will help immensely during our initial call.

The Intro Call

Step three

You’ll chat with one of our managing partners about your specific challenges and goals. We’ll ensure we’re able to help with these and if you see the value in working together, we’ll move forward. If we’re not a fit, that’s fine too, we have a decent network that we can refer you to someone who can help.


Let's find out how we can help your agency

Reserve a confidential intro call with a managing partner now

More About Promethean

We’re a boutique research and strategic consultancy. For more information on who we are, what we do, and how we do it, check out our main site.